What is the difference between a violin and a viola?

Generally everyone knows that viola vs violin are two several types of string devices. But exactly what is the real difference between your two? Please read on to discover!

Dimensions Issues

The most apparent difference between violins and violas is sizing. Violins are simpler to knowledge and perform considering they are small compared to violas. Youthful musicians, whose physiques will still be developing and who may not get the capacity to maintain a weightier instrument on an extensive timeframe, must spend certain focus to this.

But dimension isn’t only a matter of ease and comfort additionally, it influences the noise that this musical instrument creates. Simply because violins are smaller, these people have a greater pitch than violas. This can be an advantages or drawback depending on the form of tunes you would like to perform. If you’re interested in enjoying classical audio, then the violin will likely be your device associated with preference. But if you’re far more into country or folk songs, a viola generally is a greater match.

Diverse Strings = Various Sounds

A different way that size is needed is with the strings. As you may anticipate, the bigger viola requires longer strings compared to the violin. This means that there is certainly much more tension on the strings, which results in a lower pitch overall. But it also implies that every individual be aware is better and satisfied than on a violin.

The different kinds of strings could also change the noise made by every single tool. For example, gut strings have been commonly used on both violins and violas up until the nineteenth century. These strings generate a comfortable, curved color that numerous performers prefer. Even so, they are also more expensive and require much more maintenance than man made strings.


As you can see, there are many key dissimilarities between violins and violas. It is important is to select the musical instrument that’s right for you and your musical desires. If you’re not sure what one fits your needs, request your educator or other music performer for direction. With a little exercise, you’ll be creating gorgeous music quickly!